Terms & Conditions

These terms and between The Luxury Boutique FZE, registered with the Sharjah Publishing City Free zone and having its registered office, in Sharjah Publishing City, Sharjah which operates and “maintains the website name www.luxuryboutique.ae” a service providing rental of bags and any person hereinafter known as “the Customer”, wishing to benefit from services offered on www.luxuryboutique.ae

The following terms and conditions apply to all orders placed on http://www.luxuryboutique.ae.
Subscriptions made and services obtained from the www.luxuryboutique.ae will legally bind the customer with the terms of use of the website.

Once a customer has placed an order, interacted on the website, and received a confirmation email, all terms are automatically approved.

  • All customers must be above the age of 18.
  • All customers must have a valid Emirates ID and email address.
  • The Luxury Boutique retains the right to reject orders for any reason.
  • Customers should retain a copy of the transaction records along with the merchant policies & Rules.
  • Users are responsible of maintaining the confidentiality of their accounts
  • The customer may rent a bag for a minimum of 30 days commencing from the arrival of the item at the customer’s address, and for a maximum of two consecutive months overall.
  • The customer may rent a bag on a one-off basis through the Guest Rental Service or enlist as a member with The Luxury Boutique.
  • Should the customer choose to set up a membership with The Luxury Boutique, a direct debit will be required and the customer will be charged on a monthly auto-renewal basis.
  • Member customers may exchange their bag part way through the month for another, at the cost of 100 AED. Should the replacement bag belong to a category different than that of the original, the customer will be liable to pay the difference in cost between the two categories.
  • Should the customer wish to cancel their membership, they may do so by directly through their online account. To prevent auto renewal in the following month, the customer must cancel the membership at least one working day before the end of the current month.
  • Should the customer opt for the Guest Rental service, they will be charged for the chosen period, which may be 7 days or a weekend.
  • All rental and membership fees can be found on The Luxury Boutique’s website.
  • All Payments are accepted in AED.
  • Visa and Mastercard are accepted on the site.
  • Once the payment is made, the customer will receive an email for the same with the receipt.
  • The Luxury Boutique reserves the right to adjust the fees at any time. The customer’s current rental will not be affected by such changes. Rather, the fee change will take effect with the following rental.
  • The Luxury Boutique’s purchases it’s collection of bags in both new and used condition, and will uphold the item’s quality by enlisting periodic maintenance as required.
  • Orders cannot be placed on a bag that is already rented out. When a bag has been returned to The Luxury Boutique, it will be considered to be available for rental by other customers.
  • Upon rental request, The Luxury Boutique will send the customer an order confirmation with details of the bag’s delivery and collection date.
  • The rental begins on the day that the bag is delivered and ends on the day on which the pick-up is due.
  • The customer’s order is only confirmed once the customer has received a confirmation email from The Luxury Boutique.
  • The Luxury Boutique will not trade with or provide any services to OFAC and sanctioned countries.


  • There will be no additional cost for the delivery of the bag.
  • The bag will be delivered to the customer’s home address stated when placing the order.
  • Next Day deliveries are available except for the weekend rentals where an order has to be placed latest by Tuesday 12pm.
  • To accommodate delivering the bag for the weekend, the weekend rental option is available from Saturday until Tuesday 12pm for booking of that same upcoming weekend
  • The customer will be required to receive the bag in person, and show the delivery driver their Emirates ID upon drop off.
  • If the customer does not provide their Emirates ID or if the Emirates ID is invalid for any reason, the courier will keep the package and will return it to The Luxury Boutique. In such a circumstance, the customer has 24 hours to reschedule a delivery and if they fail to do so, the order will be cancelled and a refund will not be issued.
  • When the bag arrives, if the customer feels that it is misaligned with the product description on The Luxury Boutique website, or if there are any faults with the item or it’s packaging, the customer should refuse the delivery with a note stating the reason, and should also email customercare@luxuryboutique.ae within an hour of the attempted delivery. The customer will be able to pick another bag to rent or if requested, a refund will be made.
  • If the courier is closed for business on the scheduled return date of the bag, the item will be collected on the next day that the courier’s business resumes.
  • When preparing the bag to be returned, the customer must ensure that it is repackaged in the original packaging it arrived in. The customer should notify The Luxury Boutique via email in advance if this will not be possible.


  • Should a bag not be returned 1 day after the rental period end (1 day after the monthly membership; on a Sunday after the weekend guest rental; or on day 8 of the 7 day rental) a penalty equal to the rental amount will be deducted as penalty. The customer will then have 3 days to return the bag.  Should the bag not be returned after 3 days, the bag will be considered lost and the full retail price of the bag will be charged.
  • In case of monthly membership, the bag can be renewed for another month, through logging in the account and requesting for a renewal, after the penalty is deducted; within the 3 days window.  After 3 days, if the membership is not renewed and if the bag is not returned, then the bag will be considered lost and the full retail price of the bag will be charged.


  • The Customer undertakes to use the bag with utmost care and to take all necessary precautions to avoid any damage. This includes but is not limited to avoiding dusty environments,  environments with strong variations in temperature, ensuring that the item is kept out of reach of young children, and ensuring that it is not used to contain any items with potential to stain.
  • The bag should only be cleaned with a dry clean cloth or in line with any alternative instructions that may be provided by The Luxury Boutique.
  • If the bag suffers from any major degradation, such as a tear, stain or burn, the customer must notify customercare@luxuryboutique.ae within 24 hours of the occurrence of the event. The Luxury Boutique will arrange for collection of the item within 24 hours of notification.
  • In cases of degradation, the customer must not independently pursue repairs.
  • The Luxury Boutique reserves the right to charge the customer the current retail value of the bag in cases of theft, loss, or degradation requiring repair. This cost may be recovered by direct debit. If the bag model is discontinued, The Luxury Boutique will recoup the cost by sourcing a like for like item from the same designer.
  • The Luxury Boutique may terminate the services without reimbursement if the customer is found to have had any incident with the rented bag.
  • Termination will be confirmed by The Luxury Boutique by email and will take immediate effect. This means that the customer is required to imminently return the rented item and pay any outstanding funds.

Membership Details

  • If the customer’s home address changes at any point during their membership, this must be updated on their The Luxury Boutique account, and The Luxury Boutique should also be notified of the change via email.
  • The customer agrees to keep their login information confidential so as to prevent any other party from accessing their account and membership details.

Best Practice

  • The customer agrees to use the bag for personal use only. Lending the bag to other parties for personal or commercial use is prohibited.
  • Each bag contains a tracking device to ensure that it is not tampered with or replaced with a copy. The customer is prohibited from removing the tracking device.
  • Customers with issues pertaining to previous orders, including payment issues, may be rejected should they make future orders until such previous matters are resolved.
  • Any outstanding payments that the customer is liable to make will incur interest at a rate equal to one and half times the legal interest rate for the entire period between the date of payment of the sum and that of its full payment, principal and accessories, without any need to send any notice.
  • The products photographed on the website are indicative of the products to be received by the customer and differences may occur.
  • The Luxury Boutique cannot be held liable for any order mishaps resulting from technical website issues or product shortages.
  • The Luxury Boutique cannot be held liable for any contract breaches resulting from acts of God, acts of terrorism, acts of war or courier service disruption.
  • The Luxury Boutique will store correspondence records as proof of communication and order history between the parties.
  • Applicable law and Jurisdiction
    United Arab of Emirates is our country of domicile. These conditions are subject to United Arab Emirates law. The competent court of Dubai in case of dispute will be the domicile of the defendant in United Arab Emirates, as the defendant’s place of actual delivery of the product.
  • All the elements constituting the www.luxuryboutique.ae site comes under United Arab Emirates and international copyright and intellectual property. All property rights are reserved, including iconographic and photographic works presented on the site. Marks reproduced on the site are submitted by companies that own them. The Customer agrees not to reproduce, display, operate, use or distribute all or part of the evidence presented on the site on any medium and by any means.