How it Works?

Renting your dream handbag couldn’t be more simple.

There are two ways that The Luxury Boutique can work for you.


Join our popular membership scheme!

As a member with The Luxury Boutique, you can borrow a different designer handbag every month, or choose to renew the handbag you’re currently borrowing for up to one additional month.

The membership starts at the time the customer receives the bag.

Our memberships take care of themselves and auto renew each month.

If, for any reason, you need to cancel your membership, simply do so by logging on your account and picking the cancel membership option, before the upcoming month.

Guest Rentals

We realize that a membership isn’t the right option for everybody, and that some of our customers may find more value in borrowing a handbag for even less time than a month. The membership starts at the time the customer receives the bag.

Our convenient Guest Rental service allows customers to rent handbags for as little as seven days, or even for just a weekend (Thursday to Saturday).

Delivery and Collection

Our delivery and collection service is hassle free. Not only will our trusted delivery drivers drop your handbag directly to you on the agreed date, when the time to return the item arrives, they’ll swing by and pick it up too!

All that you have to do is answer the door with your Emirates ID in hand.


Our handbags fall into three categories.

[Deluxe – Monthly Membership] – AED 400

[Premium – Monthly Membership] – AED 600

[Elite – Monthly Membership] – AED 800

Your monthly membership fee will equate to the cost of the category you have rented a handbag from. If the next handbag you wish to rent resides in a different category to your current rental, your monthly fee will automatically adjust to reflect the new category’s cost.

Plus, for just AED 100, our members are welcome to exchange their bag for another, part-way through the month. Of course, the same logic as above comes into play! If the replacement bag is from a different category than the original, you’ll be charged the difference between the two categories too.

And as if it couldn’t be easier, it’s all taken care of by direct debit!

The costs for our Guest Rentals are just as effortless. Simply make known whether you wish to rent the handbag for seven days or a weekend, and you’ll be informed of the cost directly on the product’s page.

The Cost of the Guest Rentals fall into the following categories:

Guest Membership TypeDeluxe categoryPremium categoryElite category
AED 200AED 300AED 400
7 DaysAED 300AED 400AED 500

Such a simple process for a luxury item!