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Once upon a time, you bought a designer bag.
It was a great idea at the time…

You wore it out a few times, felt on top of the world, and received all of the compliments.

But now?

Well, it hasn't seen the light of day for a while.

You’re over it.

But don’t feel bad. We understand.
In fact, you can dust that bag off and send it our way.

That’s right! You have two options.

The first is to rent your bag out through us at The Luxury Boutique. This way, the bag will always be yours.

If your bag is rented out for 12 months of the year, you’ll earn 30% of its current market value (or if it’s not rented out for the full year, this amount will be prorated).

The second option is to sell us your luxury bags and in return, earn a tidy sum.

Either way, your preloved item will wind up in one of our collections, ready for its future renters to enjoy.

After all, it’s far too dreamy to go unseen!

As long as your bag is in fantastic condition, looks brand new, and belongs to one of our preferred designers, you can be pretty sure that it will make the cut!

To submit your listing request, simply upload a photo of your treasure via the below form.